Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mahie Gill - Kissing Is Not A Big Deal

Mahie Gill dares to play murderer Maria Susairaj’s real life story in reel life. Mahie’s latest controversial film Not A Love Story which also has some bold scenes in it is making roars in the B town.
Mahie in conversation with Uma Ramasubramanian reveals about her film and personal life to Bollywoodchaska.com.

How did Not A Love Story come your way?
I was just sitting at home after finishing my shooting of Bbuddah in a traffic jam.  Coincidently I was reading a news paper about Maria’s fight with someone. I got a call from Ramu sir I was really excited I wanted to work with him. We met the in the evening and everything was finalized. Then within 10 days we started shooting for the film.

Did you do any preparation for the role?
It would be wrong in my part if I say I have really prepared for the role. Because within 10 days I could not prepare much luckily I could relate to her because even I have gone through the struggling period. Each actor face this whenever they come to Mumbai from some other city. Besides, Ramu sir has done his homework really well so I ddn’t really have nay problem. He showed me Marias pictures to get the feel of it and it was a team work.

How do you relate to the character?
I have come from Chandigarh where I had struggled a lot. It was not a easy role to perform. When we are in set then you are into it. After shooting when I used to go home it was very difficult for me. It’s not easy
doing this kind of films.

Were there any difficulties in performing the role?
There were few scenes like Murder sequences and facing police after that which was little difficult to perform. For me the scariest scene was Murder sequence and interrogations.

Urmila’s Rangeela song is back in your film how do you react to it?
I am more than happy that the Rangeela song is part of the film what more can I ask for. It was interesting song and lovely film. Urmila looked fab in the film. Now after so many years the song is repeating in my film but it is more off a sad version. Because, the theme of the film is also like that. I think people are going to like this film.

There are lot of bold scenes done by you how do you see yourself growing as an actress?
When I was doing Dev D, Anurag used to tell me there will be some kissing scene to tease me. I used to stay I will never do such scenes. But I feel I have grown as an actor. When you live in the society , live in the film industry you understand ki aisa kuch nahi hota.
It’s just an emotion. In today's date kissing is not a big deal it’s very common thing these days.

But as far as you are concerned your films has do to something beyond kissing?
People have started accepting this things. If I do any such films it depends on director how they shoot it. The film should not be all about bold scenes it should have a strong content as well.